Abram Games Vintage Posters & Bio: British Graphic Artist, Designer

Abram Games

Abram Games was a famous British advertising designer, poster artist, and illustrator who was born in 1914 in London and died there in 1996. Working his way around advertising jobs as a young man, he entered a poster competition which was held by the London City Council in 1935, and won first place. From that point, at the age of 22, Abram Games freelanced as a London graphic artist the rest of his long life.

During WWII, Games became the official British War Office poster artist, designing over 100 propaganda and military related posters. He developed his amazingly minimal sense of design elements at this time, with a strong impact in the graphic messages portrayed. These images became famous and not without controversy, as the press named his ATS poster the “blonde bombshell.” It depicted a beautiful ATS girl for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, in her deep red lipstick. Controversy only added to his career, and he became a sought after advertising commercial artist, designing logos, posters, advertisements, for such companies as Shell, British Airways, Financial Times, BBC, Guiness Beer, London Rail Transport and Underground, the UN, Israeli airline El Al, among others.

Game's vintage poster work work is highly prized for beautiful lithographs, and stunning designs. We are very happy at Vintage Poster Works to offer this rare collection of his original poster work, which has been on our personal collection for years. We only have one of each of his posters on display, rare and beautiful.

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