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1942 Abram Games WW2 "Your Talk May Kill" British Vintage Poster

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1943 WWII Antique "Your Talk" Original Vintage Abram Games Poster

Printed by: Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by James Upton LTD, Birmingham & London 51-4059, P.R. No. 53
Age: 1942
Type: Original Authentic lithograph
Artist: signed A. Games, upper left: Abram Games (1914-1996) famous graphic designer, poster artist, and prolific advertising illustrator
Condition: A condition, linen mounted

This is a rare original Abram Games war, military or propaganda poster entitled "Your talk may kill your Comrades." It features a very graphic soldier with a spiral design from his mouth to represent ensuing talk...which becomes a sword killing 3 of his comrades. The clear and graphic message is that unguarded talk will offer information to the enemy. It features an amazing example of 1940's forties era world war two graphics and the work of Abram Games. This is the "loose lips sink ships" era, an ever important wartime message.

The design is indicative of Games' high modernist style, as in, sparse, direct, art deco and clean. During the war Games used photography, in photomontage to create surrealistic, modern poster design. We are very happy to offer a rare collection of his original poster work, which has been on our personal collection for years. See entire collection here. The poster is archivally linen backed and ready for framing. We only have this one.

Size: 9.5 x 14 inches 
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