1930's PWA Public Works Administration Vintage Poster Map


1930s PWA FDR Roosevelt era Antique Map Original Poster

PRINTED BY: U.S. Geological Society
AGE: c 1930's lithograph
ARTIST: printed C.H.W.. graphic designer, poster artist, illustrator
CONDITION: A, mint condition, linen mounted, beautiful!

This is a wonderful American historical pictorial piece of the New Deal WPA (Works Project Administration) era. Created by the National Industrial Recovery Act on June 16, 1933, the Public Works Administration (PWA) was budgeted several billion dollars tfor construction of public works as a means of providing employment, improving public welfare, and starting a revival of American industry. When FDR moved industry toward war production and abandoned his opposition to deficit spending, the PWA became irrelevant and was abolished in June 1941. 

This old poster is an illustrative look at many of the works completed by the PWA. The detail is very fine and an interesting historical piece. The illustrations exemplify Waterway development, Conservation, Bridges, Housing Development, Flood control, Hospitals, Health, Schools, Museums, Defense, Power, Transportation and many more projects. The poster is archivally linen backed and ready for framing. We bought these years ago from an old 1930's printer's lot, mint. rare and beautiful. We have 4 total on fresh linen, stunning.

Size: 24 x 35 inches

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