Antique American Broadside Posters-19th c. Broadsheets Advertising

Vintage Poster Works: In the antique paper and ephemera world, the definition of a a broadside poster, or broadsheet, is a paper sign used to communicate a strong message. Designed to be posted in a public place to convey a message to a community, they generally contains only text, although some have images. Most are printed with movable type on a letterpress printing press. Generally a broadside has one line of bold text to attract the foremost attention first, then smaller text to convey the particulars. The messages were concise, to the point, and printed for all classes and reading levels to comprehend. Broadsides were most often used to communicate specific information such as town, state and political proclamations, manifestos, decrees, and local events and happenings. As the technology of the printing world progressed, broadsides were left for more colorful and seductive graphic poster advertising.

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