1938 Hope of a Nation Clark DeBall WPA era Vintage Poster

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Authentic original 1938 Hope of a Nation
“HobbyHorses” WPA era Antique Poster

PRINTED BY: C.R. Jackson Co. Distributors K.C. Mo., Kansas City Missouri
AGE: dated 1938
CONDITION: A, Linen Mounted
Artist: Clark de Ball: illustrator and graphic designer, known as comic strip cartoon illustrator for "Jerry Dare" by United Features - Daily - 1933

This children’s poster series was first distributed during the WPA depression years era in American history, to further the incentive and well being of children. This series was first published in 1929 during the crash or fall of Wall Street, and then again in 1937, 1938 as a learning tool for children.

At the bottom is printed "Hobby (20): The Hope of a Nation Poster Series, January." Text reads: "Hobby Horses sometimes grow wings! Many a "mere pastime" has developed into a successful lifework. The theme is entrepreneurial in nature for children to explore their interests. The artwork is stunning, classic comic book fare of a boy on a horse or steed with wings in the sky. Colors are reds, oranges, navy blues and white. We have never had or seen this poster before in our travels. A wonderful old piece distributed during the FDR Franklin Roosevelt Works Progress Administration era. We only have this one. rare and ready for framing.

Size: 12.25 × 18.5 inches
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