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1940's Lew Screwbird Vintage WW2 Aviation Shell Oil Safety Poster

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1940's Lew Screwbird Orignal Antique
WW2 Shell Oil Plane & Gasoline Aviator Poster


Printed by: Shell Oil & Gas, marked "Printed in USA, Series F, No. 1"
Age: 1940's WWII era
Artist: signed D.B. graphic designer, poster artist, illustrator
Condition: A condition, unmounted, thick vintage cream cardstock paper.

This is a wonderful original aviator poster for airplane safety printed by Shell Oil company for small plane safety. The poster is signed "D.B.", and the artist was also found as a postcard artist of racy scenes.

Poster text reads: Lew Screwbird: Don't be a Screwbird. Thunderstorms: "If you think I'm gonna hide under the bed every time there's a clap of thunder, you're off your rocker" says Lew, ignoring thunderstorm warnings from the weather expert. "Besides, I never hear Thunder anyway!" That's right, Lew, with the other noises rattling around in your head, thunder wouldn't register. Ooops! It's putting the bite on your plane with updrafts and air turbulences, and a little hail thrown in for a bonues. You're headed for the cellar Lew, and you just missed being headed for another world. Shell Logo. Lookit lew, always gallant with the ladies, helps take down the wash before it rains.

The poster has vignettes of Lew jumping in his small piper cub tyoe airplane, getting caught and looking alarmed in the clouds and rain, and crash landing in a beautiful girl's backyard as she hangs up the laundry in her high heels and bathing suit. A classic forties posters, rare and unusual. The poster is ready for framing. We only have this one and have never seen it before in our travels.

Size: 14 x 21 inches
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