1942 WW2 Vintage French Sci Fi Movie Poster: Sideral Cruises

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1942 WWII era French Sci Fi Art Deco Sideral Cruises Rocket Ship Poster

Printed by: Stone lithograph, mp. Bedos & Cie 14 AV Felix Fauvre, Paris
Age: 1942 film
Condition: B+ condition, linen mounted, a beautiful stone lithograph, 47 x 63 inches, minor fading in folds, displays beautifully.

Text on poster reads: Madeleine Sologne, Jean Marchat et Carette dans Croisieres Siderales. Printers Mark: Imp. Bedos & Cie 14 AV Felix Fauvre, Paris. Realisation de Andre Zwobada avec Robert Arnoux, Maupi Jean Daste, Paul Oliver, Hubert de Malet, Guita Karen avec Suzanne Dantes et Suzanne Dehelly. Industrie Cinematographique 108 Rue Richelieu Ric 7290 Film Production mark & Logo: C'est Une Production Pierre Guerlais del Industire Cinematographique. in box: VIII 18378 ORAFF 138 Champs Elysees, Paris.

This large and uncommon art deco movie poster is for a French Science Fiction film called Croisieres Siderales, which translates to Sideral Cruises. It was a wartime escape movie to make the French forget they were under the Germans' heavy thumb of occupation. The plot has to do with 15 days of spaceflight, and an attempt to reverse being thrown out of Earth's gravity which succeeds. The crew realizes they are now in 1967, and their two-week trip into space lasted 25 years on Earth...fun! It was released on April 29, 1942.

This is a large and beautiful original forties antique French movie poster we have had in our collection for years and now available.  We only have this one, uncommon and rare, linen mounted and ready for framing. We will never have it again.

Size: 47 x 63 inches

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