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1964 Eric Nitsche General Dynamics Triga Vintage Swiss Poster

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1964 Eric Nitsche General Dynamics Vintage Swiss Poster


PRINTED BY: Lithos R. Marsenes Lausanne, Switzerland
AGE: 1964
GRAPHIC ARTIST: Eric Nitsche, Swiss graphic designer, poster artist, illustrator
CONDITION: A, linen backed

This poster depicts a large and modern sixties design globe image, with a byline which reads "Triga around the World". The TRIGA Mark II was an atomic reactor. A very cool Nitsche original piece.

General Dynamics incorporated in 1953 and ran different manufacturing firms such as Electric Boat, Canadair Limited, Electro Dynamic, General Atomic, Convair, Stromberg-Carlson, all administering the defense needs of the US. Their products were atomic powered submarines, electric motors, the B-58 supersonic jet bomber and the commercial 880 jet transport. General Dynamics was also working in the areas of electronics, astronautics, aero and hydrodynamics, and nuclear physics.

Eric Nitsche, the designer of this modern design sixties poster, worked for The General Dynamic Corp. from 1955-1965, This poster was done for Convair whose name is printed at the top and bottom. Nitsche designed six (35 x 50 inch) modern posters. The posters are a graphic interpretaton to promote peaceful uses for the atom. Each poster in the series was printed in Switzerland, and done in different languages to appeal to many areas. Uncommon, beautiful design.

Size: 35 x 50 inches
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